5-Point Checklist to refresh your Advisr Profiles and Social to ensure you Kick Off 2024

5-Point Checklist to refresh your Advisr Profiles and Social to ensure you Kick Off 2024

1. Visual Audit & Revamp:

  • Profile Pictures: Update team member profile pictures with high-quality, recent headshots that portray professionalism and personality.

  • Cover Photos: Refresh cover photos to reflect the updated company brand, focus areas, or recent achievements.

  • Content Imagery: Utilise a consistent visual style for all posts, showcasing diverse team members and workplace culture.

2. Job Title & Contact Accuracy:

  • Review and update all job titles. Ensure titles accurately reflect current responsibilities and align with industry standards.

  • Double-check contact information. Verify phone numbers, email addresses, and any external links for accuracy and accessibility.

3. Highlight Achievements & Credentials:

  • Feature new awards, certifications, and accomplishments. Create dedicated posts or highlight wins within existing content.

  • Update team member bios. Include relevant credentials, expertise, and areas of interest.

4. Shift Your Focus:

  • Define your new focus areas. Clearly communicate the current priorities, focus insurance lines, key client industries and areas of specialisation.

  • Adapt content to match the new focus. Tailor existing content and create new posts that showcase expertise and relevance in the targeted areas.

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5. Content Freshness & Engagement:

  • Brainstorm fresh and engaging content ideas. Mix formats like behind-the-scenes glimpses, industry insights, team member spotlights, and interactive polls or questions.

  • Maintain a consistent posting schedule. Plan and schedule content in advance to ensure regular audience engagement.

  • Respond to comments and messages promptly. Foster a sense of community and interaction with your audience.


Consider video content. Leverage the power of video for team introductions, thought leadership pieces or company culture highlights.

  • Incorporate relevant hashtags. Research and utilise industry-specific hashtags to increase discoverability.

  • Track and analyse performance. Monitor engagement metrics and adapt your strategy based on the data.

This is a flexible checklist. Tailor it to your specific needs and brand identity. By applying these points diligently, your team can build a dynamic, informative, and engaging social media presence that reflects your current successes and future aspirations.

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