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By Andy Jamieson    May 6, 2019

YouiRewards are here.

The rewards program by Youi, called YouiRewards has launched. Youi Rewards is a simplied and much-improved rewards program. Youi Rewards builds upon and replaces the Youi Dollars rewards program that Youi have run for the past few years.

What are Youi Rewards?

Youi describes Youi Rewards and the removal of Youi Dollars as follows:

“We’ve made YouiRewards even better by removing the points system, YouiDollars, so you get access to all the offers, all of the time. Once you’re a customer with us, you’re in, no more hoops to jump through.”

Youi Rewards enable Youi customers to instantly tap into the Youi Rewards provided by “over 1000 partners nationwide”.

Youi indicates that these customer rewards are:

  • Instantly available.
  • All offers are accessible and redeemable.
  • Managed via the Youi app.

How do you access Youi Rewards?

Youi provide the following steps to access your Youi Rewards:

  1. Download the Youi app
  2. Sign up
  3. Link your Youi insurance policy
  4. You’re good to go. From there you can start exploring and making the most of the awesome offers available.

Read more from Youi on the changes they have made to Youi Rewards

What was Youi Dollars?

Youi Dollars were a points system developed by Youi where for every dollar spent on an insurance premium, you’d earn half back as a Youi Dollar to use to redeem rewards from third party suppliers. Youi Dollars launched with much fan fare a few years back and whilst simple in concept, it seems like it proved a little too complex for the mass market.

Youi want to ensure that customers understand and value the additional benefits they can get from being a customer. Youi Dollars it seems made that harder than it needed to be.

Learn more about what Youi Dollars was here

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