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All Your Insurance Organised.

We want your insurance to be easier to manage and we imagine a world where renewal time is a breeze. We love it when things just work, when you can find what you are looking for, get expert help when you need it and know that someone is looking out for you.

Advisr exists to find a better way for people to organise all their insurance.

WHAT WE BELIEVE (it drives everything we do)

1: Customers come first – always.
2: Simplify the complex and find a better way.
3: Promote only quality products and services – things we’d buy for our family.
4: The small details are huge to us. 


1: Sign Up for Advisr
2: Add an insurance policy in 3 simple steps (or better yet, all your insurance policies)


Getting organised feels good.

Knowing that you’re organised is a great feeling. Advisr provides secure access 24/7 to all your insurance policy documents whenever you need them and wherever you find yourself. Never be caught out again.

Advisr automates the boring bits out of insurance.

Timely reminders, to ensure you never end up driving around uninsured. We make renewals a breeze and take the pain out of claim time.

Connect with trusted experts.

We’ve collated a list of insurance brokers to make it super easy for you to find insurance brokers. Also, with inbuilt feedback through ratings and reviews, you can see how others found working with various insurance brokers.


Advisr will be the go to platform used to organise all your insurance. Providing access to great insurance products, smart AI powered insurance offers targeted just for you at just the right time, connecting you to trusted insurance experts to understand the complex bits and helping you when it comes time to make a claim. We know the whole customer experience of insurance can be better and we’re doing our part to make it a reality.

We are building the best products and services for you to make your life easier, focused around the way you organise all your insurance. We can only do that by your feedback and through you sharing your experience with us.

 To share your experience with us, email us at – support@advisr.com.au / andy@advisr.com.au  

Thanks for using Advisr.

– The Advisr Team

Andy Jamieson

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