Webinar for insurance brokers: Learn how your ideal clients search for a broker

By Anna Chatburn    May 16, 2019

This webinar ran on 30 May 2019. View the recording and slides below.

The way customers buy insurance is changing, which means the way brokers market their services must change too.

Recent studies such as the Advisr Insurance Innovation Report show us that customers search online before buying insurance. They look at the skills, credentials and customer reviews of brokers.

This webinar draws out key findings from the report and show what customers do when they’re looking for insurance, and what you can do to help them find you.

View webinar recording

View webinar slides

Learn how and why before buying, customers:

  • Search by insurance type
  • Read about coverage and requirements
  • Search for insurance brokers and check broker credentials such as reviews, bio, specialties

The webinar will run you through:

  • What you can do to ensure customers find you first
  • How to build trust in your online presence
  • New simple ways to market your services


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