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By Anna Chatburn    December 11, 2018

The journey from passion to profitable online business

New technology means it’s never been easier to turn a passion into a fully-fledged online business, as Kelly Baker, Founder of The Beauty Insider can attest. We spoke to Kelly about taking the plunge and the steps she’s taken to protect herself along the way.

A few minutes scrolling through your Instagram feed or a quick search for ‘wellness’ online and you’ll find hundreds of blogger accounts offering tips and advice.

The truth is, it has never been easier to take a passion like fitness, wellbeing or beauty and turn it into a real, money-making business with millions of dedicated fans and followers. Free social media platforms and DIY websites mean it is achievable for anyone to establish an online presence – but just because your business is based in the cloud, doesn’t mean you can forget about having the right insurance in place.

Being an entrepreneur always comes with inherent risks, especially if your small business is your primary source of income. You need to be smart and make sure you’re protected. We spoke to Kelly Baker, Beauty Director and Founder of The Beauty Insider, to get some top tips for bloggers looking to keep themselves covered:

Protect your health (and your income). If you’re working for yourself, you don’t have the luxury of paid sick leave. A couple of weeks out of action could see you struggling for cash, so considering health insurance and income protection or total disability insurance will make sure you’re covered should anything go wrong. Kelly says, “I also have life insurance as I’ve got two little ones. Knowing they would be OK if anything happened to me is a load off my mind.”

Think about your liability. Operating on a public forum can win you fans and earn you critics. General liability insurance will make sure you’re protected against things like libel and copyright infringement.
“It might sound extreme,” says Kelly, “but there is always a risk that a client might take offence at something you produce and decide to take legal action. In that case, professional liability insurance will cover you.”

Whose data do you have? If your site stores user data like email addresses or fitness data, you need to make sure you treat it with care and have proper protection in place. Check that your insurance package will protect you if your site security is breached.

Consider what tools you need to keep your business going. If you’re running an online business, your phone, laptop or tablet are probably crucial to keeping your business up and running. Make sure your assets are protected in case of loss or theft so you can maintain a seamless online presence and keep your clients happy.

“I firmly believe my business will only go from strength to strength – but I’m smart enough to know that things can and do happen, and I want to be prepared,” says Kelly. “If I’m ever fretting over what I would do if things didn’t work out as planned, I remind myself of the insurance policies I’ve taken out and it sets my mind at ease.”

Finding the right insurance for a growing business can be confusing. Find the right insurance broker to help.

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