Meet a Broker: Lisa Carter, Advisr Top Australian Insurance Broker 2019

By Anna Chatburn    December 19, 2019

lisa carterLisa Carter, Director, Clear Insurance

Advisr Top Australian Broker 2019

It’s been quite a year for Lisa Carter – winning the 2019 National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) Broker of the Year, being named “Authorised Representative” of the year at the Insurance Business Awards 2019, and now winning the top spot in Advisr’s broker awards to end the year. Lisa has also won several other awards in recent years, reflecting her hard work and professionalism. 

Lisa is the Principal and owner of Clear Insurance, which specialises in bespoke insurance and risk programs for the construction, hospitality, medical and tech-startup industries and beyond. 

Anna from Advisr spoke to Lisa about her win, and how brokers can excel in an evolving insurance industry. Here’s what Lisa had to say:

The changing role of brokers

As I said to NIBA recently, I see our role as more of an advisor than a broker going forward in future insurance markets. It’s more about advising our clients on how to manage their overall business risk and exposures better. We are expanding our traditional broking skillset, helping to connect our clients to business consultants and experts that can help them achieve their long and short-term objectives.”

A professional online profile is critical to convey expertise

A professional personal profile and brand are vital to demonstrate expertise and knowledge. A clear brand for your business is also essential to resonate with the customer at the point of a purchasing decision when they are researching you.

To gain the trust of clients, you have to demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about. That’s why it’s essential to establish an excellent professional profile. A big part of that is testimonials, as well as publishing articles, sharing knowledge, and establishing yourself as an expert in the broking arena.

Younger generations of insurance brokers must work on building their interpersonal, service and relationship skills to establish that personal brand. The earlier they start working on both of those, the better. It will help them to leap and bound beyond the traditional transactional way of doing business.

High customer expectations of service and personalisation

There’s a general shift away from the transactional method of doing business to a more service and advice approach.

Clients value great advice more than ever. Clients are becoming more risk-aware and more compliance focused. Price is no longer the deciding factor. 

If you’re not demonstrating expertise or providing value, customers are quick to move on.

Brokers should focus on spreading the quality service and advice message out as far and wide as they can. The trick with personal branding is not to be afraid of the tall poppy syndrome – be proud of any chance to shine, any awards you win and share them – it resonates with clients and builds trust. 

Tell your story, show what you know and develop your online presence and brand. Clients want to know the money they pay is worth it.


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