Insurance Insights by Abbie Wilson

Small Business Insurance – why the cheape...

Are you operating in hospitality, providing accommodation, running a transport business, or operating a cafe? It can be tempting as a time-poor business owner to choose the cheapest cover you find online. All business owners regardless of their size should be aware of the ins and outs of what’s included in one size fits all […]

Farm Insurance – 10 things to consider

Your farm is valuable and ensuring that your assets are adequately insured is important.  Below are 10 things to consider to ensure you’re adequately covered by your Farm Insurance. 1: What is the sum insured and market value for your farm equipment vs the actual replacement costs. You should review your insurance annually to consider any changes […]

What is an Insurance Farm Pack?

Having insurance for your farm is important. There are so many variables to consider when you are thinking about your Farm and how to ensure that it is adequately covered by your insurance. Whether it is a beef, sheep or grain farm, a Farm Insurance Pack can provide your insurance coverage. What is included in […]


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