How to choose an insurance broker

By Andy Jamieson    November 14, 2019

Choosing an insurance broker is a pretty important decision you need to make.

But how can you know which insurance broker you should choose? Ultimately, the decision rests with you and that can be a daunting task with many variables and inputs to consider as you choose an insurance broker.

To help, we’ve developed a 7-step checklist to help you to navigate how to choose an insurance broker.

Here is a summary of the seven steps to choose an Insurance Broker:

  1. Relevant experience
  2. Active AFS licence
  3. Seek customer reviews
  4. Read their posts
  5. Google them
  6. Are they aligned or independent
  7. How responsive are they?

The 7-step checklist on how to choose a great insurance broker

Advisr helps you to choose an insurance broker.

With Advisr, you can find a broker based on their expertise such as Farm Insurance, Cyber Insurance or Medical Malpractice. Or you might want to find a broker that is near you, Advisr can help with that too – find an insurance broker in Sydney, insurance brokers in Perth or insurance brokers on the Gold Coast.

There are lots of ways to select an insurance broker and finding one that matches your needs and with whom you enjoy working is essential.

Use the checklist to help you choose an insurance broker.

Once you find a great one, then make sure you help out others by leaving your insurance broker a review.

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