One Review, Everywhere!

Google reviews and Advisr reviews. Advisr now gets your business reviews all together in one place.

Advisr now integrates with Google Reviews via Google My Business

Reviews, it's business critical to have them online with statistics showing that up to 90% of online buyers consult a review before any purchase. In the Insurance Broking industry, where referrals are a primary channel for new business, the power of a personal testimonial or review is key.

We know the power of Google. Almost all search engine traffic in the Australian market is generated out of Google and reviews on Google are therefore critical for insurance brokerages to acquire. However, not only are they highly visible to search engine traffic, they also play a key role in Google's algorithm. The more Google reviews you have, the better your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) performance.

So how do I get Google reviews and what about all the other places I want to have reviews, including Advisr?

Having a Google My Business account is the first step to having reviews on Google. This creates an account for your customers to leave reviews on. Many of you already have this and consistently request your customers to leave you reviews on Google. Great!

Given Advisr's large and growing audience, now you'll want to have reviews on Advisr as well. Advisr's audience and traffic is so highly targeted towards customers looking for an insurance broker.

The good news: Advisr now integrates with Google Reviews!

Advisr is now authorised by and integrated in with Google My Business which allows us to connect Google's reviews platform with ours. You can now have your one review, everywhere!

For any brokerage listing on Advisr we can now pull your Google reviews from your Google My Business listing and also display them on your Advisr brokerage profile, with just the click of a button!

The good news doesn't stop there, Advisr is also working on having any reviews submitted to Advisr, also being published as a Google Review with just a few clicks. Watch this space!

What do I need to do to get my Google Reviews onto Advisr?

To get your Google Reviews onto Advisr click on the "Connect Your Google Reviews" button above or below to answer a few questions. All we will need is the Google My Business account holder to login to their Advisr Brokerage profile and click a button to connect the two accounts.

How to add Google My Business reviews onto your Advisr Brokerage Profile - Learn How

Did you know - profiles with reviews on Advisr are seen up to 25x more on Advisr than those without. So you'll love the ability to centralise your reviews through Advisr, taking advantage of both our highly targeted audience and the large amounts of traffic generated in Google.

Don't forget all your reviews on Advisr are already visible in Google search results and Google My Business information as you can see below.

Now it's time for your Google reviews to be visible on Advisr as well!