Russell Perry

Russell Perry

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If you thought insurance was all about finding the cheapest premium, then keep this sobering thought in mind: any short-term “win” in savings on your premium is soon forgotten if your claim isn’t paid. Or, even if your claim is paid, you need to be sure it’s paid fairly – and quickly. At Geelong Insurance Brokers, we work with our clients to ensure they have the right cover – not just the cheapest premium.
Through more than 32 years in the Insurance industry, we’ve witnessed some horror situations. Good people who thought “I’m covered” – only to find out the hard way that they should have used a knowledgeable, expert broker like ourselves. Why is using a broker so important? We’re not an agent, which means we don’t just work for one major insurance company. We can choose from a wide range of reputable insurers to find the insurance company with the right solution and cover. 

It’s our job to work for you, to track down and recommend reputable insurers that offer you quality cover. That’s why using a broker makes so much sense. But more than that, we also love being a part of the local Geelong community.

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