Trusted Insurance Brokers

Trusted Insurance Brokers

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” 
― Henry Ford


Today, reputations matter more than ever. We know that people only do business with people they trust. Trust is built via our reputations and our how we have delivered in the past. As Ford says, you can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.

So if reputations matter, then why is it important to be a Trusted Insurance Broker and how can you ensure that you are known this way.

In particular, Insurance Brokers have a massive opportunity to differentiate themselves based on their reputations and on how trusted they can be and through a reputation based on what you have done already.

Why is it important to be a Trusted Insurance Broker?

Insurance is fundamentally about trust. Insurance is a contract that provides security for when risks occur. As customers, we never quite know what our insurance experience will be like until the moment of truth occurs and you seek to make a claim on your insurance policy. It is the future promise of assurance that customers are essentially buying.

Insurance at its core is a promise. As such, customers need to be able to trust insurance brokers when they making insurance purchasing decisions.

If you want to grow your insurance book, then being trusted is critical.

How to be a Trusted Insurance Broker

Understanding how to become a trusted insurance broker is critical. Becoming trusted doesn’t simply happen overnight, trust is built through a consistent and steady approach of saying what you are going to do and then doing what you have said you will do.

So, if you want to grow your insurance book, then being trusted is essential.

What can you do to be a Trusted Insurance Broker?

Here are 7 steps you can take to be a trusted insurance broker.

1: Be transparent

Being transparent with clients is critical. Customers have a great ability to have access to lots of information. So you can build trust through transparency and providing them with all the relevant information that they need to make their decision.

2: Seek public feedback

You reputation is driven by client feedback. Seek client feedback and channels to make it publically available. Clients want to know what it is like to work with you from others that have worked with you.

3: Do what you say you will do

A pretty simple principle, but to ensure you can do what you say you will do, you need to be clear on what you are going to say before you say it. You can start taking small steps on this today. For example, if you say that you’ll call someone at 10am. Call at 10am, not 10:07 etc.

4: Promote client testimonials

Your clients’ testimonials are business-critical assets. Promote their words, not your words and show people what it is like to work with you. Great client testimonials are the output from consistent work for your clients at every step of their process with you. So if you want to generate great client testimonials, then keep that in mind at every stage of your process.

5: Share educational content

Education is the key way of building trust, in particular for a strong digital sales process. We have shared more about how  Education is the key to digital selling for insurance brokers.

Start sharing educational content that solves customers problems. Giving away your expertise enables customers to truly value your skills and understand more about how you operate.

6: Understand first, then look to match to products

As people, we love to be understood. So to build trust with potential clients, spend most of your time seeking to understand what it is they do and how they feel about their needs and requirements. Understanding a client, and checking that you really are understanding them is critical.

Keep asking open questions during your interactions. Such questions could be “tell me more about your business”, “What areas do you feel you need coverage in”, “What would happen if….” and “how does this feel for you?”

7: Be trustworthy

Simply be trustworthy. It is the most valuable business and career asset you can cultivate.

NIBA Convention 2018

“Spending time meeting with insurance brokers, understanding more about what makes them unique and sharing how reputations, especially online reputations, matter more than ever!”

Our CEO and Founder, Andy Jamieson, is excited to announce that Advisr will be part of the NIBA Convention for 2018.

As part of our NIBA Convention 2018 special we are offering all the insurance brokers and brokerage principals the following benefits:


One-on-one consultations sessions

One-on-one consultation sessions are focused on your business. Explore your business opportunities and challenges – with Advisr CEO & Founder, Andy Jamieson

Sit down for a one-on-one session with Andy Jamieson, CEO & Founder of Advisr. Spend time discussing your business, and the opportunities and challenges you are facing.

Interested to understand why reputations matter more than ever? Keen to take your business, marketing and reputation to the next level? Lets talk.

To secure your consultation session, REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW:  email Andy today.



Business Card Draw – WIN 12 mths Advisr Premium

Looking to accelerate your business and reputation in 2018. One lucky winner will receive 12 mths of Advisr Premium for free. Giving you great exposure to people who are looking for exactly what you provide.

To be eligible you need to:

1: Drop off a business card

2: Create your profile on Advisr

Winner will be notified in Hobart at the close of the conference. 

Meet Meena Wahi

Meena Wahi

Meena WahiMeena Wahi is an insurance broker from Cyber Data Risk Managers based in Melbourne. We’ve interviewed Meena to share some of what she loves about working in the insurance industry, her thoughts on where the industry is going

What do you love about being an insurance broker and an insurance expert?

Insurance broking offers the opportunity to add value to clients business, plus I like Insurance because it offers a high ROI to my clients.

What insurance lines are your core areas of expertise? Core areas you service?
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Intellectual Property Insurance
  • IT Liability Insurance
  • Director & Officers Insurance
What is the most unusual request you’ve had or heard about?

Another broker, who specialised in different insurance lines referring me their client as they did not fully understand cyber risk

What makes an ideal client? Why?

Someone who understand the risk and obligations and are willing to invest in mitigating the risk. I also like clients who understand emergent risk so take up policies that offer wider coverage.

When have you gone above and beyond for a client?

My client was refused cover by a number of Insurers. When they approach me, I was able to help them understand what they evidence they had to provide of their own internal procedures and controls, I spent a lot of time speaking with their team and explained to them in detail and also provided them with research. This lead to them to follow up on my suggestions due to which they were able to get the insurance cover required.

Why should someone consider using an Insurance Broker?

It is very important to use to an Insurance Broker as they can help you identify exposures, provide information to the underwriter which promises them full coverage, and educates your business about your obligations – so that you have a very high chance of your claim getting accepted.

What areas of insurance should people be aware of over the next 12 mths?

Businesses must do a health check on their insurances as changes in regulations and increase in use of the internet is likely to create more digital risk. Traditional insurance may no longer be relevant or provide adequate coverage from new and emerging risks like Cyber risks.


If you’re a broker and would like to be featured on Advisr, please get in touch.

Advisr wins Insurance Business Insurtech Pitch 2018

Advisr Wins Insurtech Pitch
Advisr wins Insurance Business 2018 Insurtech Pitch, presented by Eoghan Trehy, National Head of Insurance Broking, Macquarie Bank


Advisr has won the Insurance Business Insurtech Pitch for 2018. Held recently at the Insurtech Summit 2018 in Sydney.

Congratulations to the other finalists Claimspace, Cyber Risk Assurance and Prime Ecosystem.

On the day, Advisr was selected as the best pitch winning a $20k marketing package with Insurance Business.



Insurtech is the combination of Insurance with technology and covers businesses that span this ecosystem. Advisr is an insurtech as we seek to use technology to make it easier for people to find insurance brokers they can trust.



We had 3 minutes to pitch.

3 minutes is both a long time to say something simple and a short time to say something complex. So for us, delivering a simple and coherent pitch message was critical.

Here is a summary of our pitch and the structure we followed.

Identify a problem that the audience can agree with. 

We know that insurance brokers have a trust problem. Currently, nine out of ten people don’t think that an insurance broker is highly ethical or trustworthy. Lack of trust is a problem for every insurance broker as people only do business with people they trust.

We supported our problem with some easily digestible data to bolster the message (note: this was the most complex slide we showed as being simple people we love a simple message)

Insurance Brokers have a trust problem



Provide a solution that makes logical sense.

The Advisr platform makes it easy to find and connect with an Insurance Broker you can trust.

Advisr highlights both the broker and the insurance brokerage because customers care about the name on the door and the person they work with. In addition, Advisr captures ratings and reviews, enables world-class insurance content to be published by experts and for customers to ask questions and get answers.

All features of Advisr that educate the market, initiate relationships and build trust.


Show traction; others in the market are using Advisr already.

Insurance businesses are growing on Advisr.

The map of Australia shows where new business had been generated for insurance brokers via Advisr. Customer usage and engagement shows that Advisr is working and our ecosystem is building momentum.

The map shows our national footprint quickly and that Advisr is for all insurance brokers Australia wide.


Advisr drives new business for insurance brokers




As a startup, getting the product and market validation is a critical step. Since winning, we’ve noticed an acceleration in the takeup of Advisr from insurance brokers and an eagerness to engage, claim profiles, generate reviews and add content. All activities that enhance the value of Advisr to consumers and increase their engagement.

We’re motivated to be working on a problem that needs to be solved and to have a solution that is delivering growth to the market.

Whilst business is not about 3 min pitches, business is about connecting quickly with an audience about a problem they have and delivering a solution, that exceeds their expectations, to resolve their problem.

So getting a clear, tight message is for pitching and for communicating with customers who live in a busy fast paced world.


All the pitches were great.

The different product offerings were excellent, are solving real market problems and have great Insurtech solutions. I look forward to seeing them all succeed.

I believe that we won because we had a message that was easier to digest and connected quickly with the audience.



We won $20k worth of marketing support from Insurance Business. Thanks, Insurance Business, this is a great prize for a B2B insurance business and will connect us further with the insurance brokers that we serve.



Competitions are great channels to market.

Find both industry-specific competitions; such as Insurtech or Fintech pitches, and generic startup pitch competitions; such as Launch Festival, TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Australia and Friday Night Pitches at Fishburners.

Getting out and pitching helps you to refine your message, test your phrasing to see what lands with the audience and what misses the mark and helps to build your public profile.

Customers are in the audience

It can be hard to get 3 minutes with prospective customers so I found being at Insurtech Summit a great way to connect with customers that I’d otherwise struggle to reach and get a meeting with. After the pitch, several senior insurance brokers approached me requesting follow up meetings.

Investors are often judges

Investors, VCs, HNWs and others can be called upon as a judge in pitch competitions. Pitching in front of high calibre judges gives you the ability to connect directly with them both on the day and subsequently. Some angles to try are to seek feedback on what they liked and what they’d improve OR what part of your business most excited them and which part felt was dull. Investors have time, so building a relationship with them based on consistency, authenticity and coachability can help when it comes time to raise funds.


What is next for Advisr…

So, now we have a giant novelty cheque, some highly relevant meetings to prepare for and a business that has taken one more step in its journey.

If you need help to find an insurance broker you can trust, try Advisr.


Thanks for reading.

25 Most Popular Insurance Broker Profiles last 30 days

Most Viewed Insurance Brokers


Want to make the list next month?

Share your profile with your clients, generate some great reviews and did you know you can feature your content on Advisr and link it to your profile as an Experts Opinion.

Advisr Premium profiles generate 20x the number of profile views than unclaimed profiles.

Have any questions or comments? email us



Meet Brett Thiedeman

Brett Thiedeman is an insurance broker from Thiedeman Insurance Solutions based in Melbourne. We’ve interviewed Brett to share some of what he loves about working in the insurance industry, his thoughts on where the industry is going

What do you love about being an insurance broker and an insurance expert?

I get to help people. I have a passion to help others every single day. Taking the time to help other people is one of the greatest joys in life. It helps me connect deeper with those I help and humanity in general.

What insurance lines are your core areas of expertise? Core areas you service?

Professional Indemnity, Cyber Insurance, Business Insurance, Motor Insurance, Home & Landlords Insurance.

What is the most unusual request you’ve had or heard about?

Not a request of me but one I heard of.  A good moustache is a thing of beauty, and apparently, it can be very valuable as well. Cricket player Merv Hughes insured his moustache for a remarkable $370,000.

What makes an ideal client? Why?

1) When customers know that they are getting value and that your services are worth what you charge. They pay your price without an argument or long negotiation.

2) They listen to what you say and act on it. That feels great.

3) I genuinely enjoy working with them.

When have you gone above and beyond for a client?

Assisting a person to lodge a claim with the Financial Ombudsman after their claim was denied.

They were not a client & I did not receive any fee for my service.

Why should someone consider using an Insurance Broker?

A broker can help you navigate the insurance market to help you get .the right cover, at a competitive price.

An insurance broker works for you – not the insurance company. This means someone is helping you through the claims process when you need to claim – making the whole claims process easier.

What areas of insurance should people be aware of over the next 12 mths?

New Australian privacy laws came into force on February 22 this year.

You may be left scrambling if you haven’t locked down personal information and developed a response plan to deal with privacy breaches.

In the event of a serious data breach, cyber liability insurance may provide financial protection for your business. Policies can cover losses arising from hacking, data theft or accidental loss of client information, including the costs associated with cyber response and business interruption



If you’re a broker and would like to be featured on Advisr, please get in touch.

Education is the key to digital selling for insurance brokers

“Education-based marketing is the sharing of knowledge with the purpose of building trust”


To win more new business and build trust quickly with prospective clients, Insurance Brokers need to adopt an education-based marketing approach as a key part of their marketing and sales efforts.



Education based marketing builds trust with prospective customers when an expert shares knowledge that educates a customer and that customer values the knowledge. In a digitally-led world, relationships between experts, such as insurance brokers, and customers should include an education-based marketing approach.

If building trust is important to you, then seek to educate.

If moving beyond transactional sales is important to you, then seek to educate.

If building long-term loyal clients who seek out and value your expertise, then seek to educate.


Today’s consumer won’t do business with people they don’t trust



Insurance brokers should seek to implement education-based marketing at all stages of their client engagement. This includes pre-sales marketing, first interactions through your website or on sites like Advisr, nurturing of warm leads, closing sales, deep in needs analysis, finalising your initial scope of work and through to re-engagement and growth strategies. Through consistent application of an education-based approach at every step with impact your business performance.

Some reflective questions to help you qualify how you’re currently going:

1: What does your marketing focus on? Does your marketing typically contain a product, sales or brand led message?

2: What content, tools and educational assets have you developed? Some have developed very little and others have developed a lot.

3: Why did you develop these specific tools? Did you replicate what you’d noticed other insurance brokers had developed or werethese assets developed through client consultation?


Three ways for how you might start to implement education-based marketing

If you’re looking to start integrating an education-based marketing strategy, here are some helpful approaches to work out where you could start your education-based marketing initiatives:

1: What are the key gaps in knowledge that you hear consistently from clients? Listen for phrases that customers use like “wow, i’d never thought of that”, “can you explain that to me again”, “what does that mean?” and “why would I need that?”. These are all strong clues around topics you could focus on. Write them down, create a list and monitor for trends over-time.

2: What insurance related words are your customers searching for on Google? Either do the research yourself or seek out an expert to help you. Targeting deep and specific search terms, often 4 or more words long, that align with your business offering is a good starting point.

3: What areas do people typically change as a result of your interaction with them? This might give you a sign that they were receptive to the input and valued it because they implemented it and simply lacked knowledge before they’d engaged you.


There are lots of styles and approaches you can use to communicate your education focused message. Below are some different forms and some examples of the type of content you could produce.

Short videos

  • Explainer videos
  • Case studies of your clients
  • Regulatory changes and implications
  • Innovation & insights

Written content

  • Written content can come in many forms.
  • Interviews with customers on why they selected you.
  • Client case studies who’ve been through a claim experience.
  • Testimonials.

Market updates & trends

  • Industry-specific overview.
  • Updates on what new client risks have arisen.
  • Trends that are seen in other industries that might apply to yours.

Data analysis across your sector or location

  • Changes in risk levels being covered eg increased PI.
  • Numbers and types of incidents occurring.

White-papers (longer-form reports)

  • Critical analysis of bigger regulatory changes.
  • In-depth client reviews of what made them successful.

Helpful checklists

  • Topical lists: Cyber insurance checklist.
  • Special events: Selling or Acquiring a business checklist.
  • Shutting down a business.
  • Starting a business.
  • Adding a new premise or site to your business.

Inspirational and educational photos

  • Photos relevant to your target audience; eg sailing photos for marine insurance experts.
  • Testimonials from customers.

Simple apps

  • Replacement Cost Calculator: Budget calculators to determine replacement value
  • Scenario Planning: Impact on premiums if a customer reduces risk


If you’d like assistance with starting an education-based marketing campaign, please reach out to the Advisr team. We have a team of experts ready to help you develop great content, promote it to audiences and build your insurance broking business.

7 ways to generate excellent online reviews

Online reviews are part of modern life. We review food, hotels, products, schools, shoes, charities, jobs and organisations – reviews are everywhere.

Why your business needs quality online reviews

All insurance brokerages and insurance brokers need quality online reviews. Your future customers are going to look for online reviews and use the reviews that they find as a way to assess and filter out who they may or may not engage with.

Quality online reviews help to build trust. They give potential customers a sense of what engaging with you will be like and what they should expect when they engage with you.

Online reviews will help you to dominate in Google. When a customer Googles your business or your individual name, what comes back? To improve the quality of what a customer sees, then quality online reviews can certainly help. Try Googling yourself now and experience what your customers might see.

So if generating excellent online reviews is important, then the question becomes, how can you start to generate these valuable excellent online reviews? Below are 7 different ways for insurance brokers to generate excellent online reviews.

7 ways to generate excellent online reviews

  1. Ask your best clients to leave a review

    It may sound bold, but asking your top 5 trusted clients directly to leave a review for you and sharing how grateful you’d be can go along way. Now all of them might not respond, however, you’re sure to get a few responses and a start is often all you need. Go on, work out who the top 5 clients you have that you could ask for a review, write down their names and then give them a call.

  2. Make it simple for customers to provide a review

    Somtimes it can be too complex for customers to leave reviews. So make it simple for them to know what to do by sharing or sending them clear instructions on what is required.

  3. Link to Advisr from your website or online channels

    To start generating naturally occurring reviews, make sure you link to your Advisr profile across your website and across social media or other online channels, saying “I’d love you to leave a review on Advisr”. This approach both increases awareness of your reviews, often driving customers through to take a look at your reviews and can prompt a user to leave one without you having to ask.

  4. Incorporate asking for online reviews into your client engagement process

    There are key moments in your engagement with clients when it is appropriate and timely to ask a client to leave you a review. For example, if you’ve gone above and beyond in your service of the client and they are expressing their gratitude, then it is a great moment to say something along the lines of”if I’ve been of great assistance to you, then it would be most valuable to me if you’d consider leaving an online review so others can hear about your experience. Would you be willing to do that? It will only take a few minutes but would mean a lot to me.”

  5. Include links to your Advisr profile in your email signature.

    Your email signature is valuable, but are you using it to promote yourself effectively?  Incorporating either a text link or an image in your email signature can help to inform existing and prospective customers of your quality as an insurance broker. For example, your email signature could say:

    “See what people think of me on Advisr” or “I’m a 5 Star Reviewed Insurance Broker” or “Rate me on Advisr”

  6. Share the reviews you receive and highlight them to your existing customers

    Start sharing your existing reviews with your current and potential customers as part of your business processes. Doing so,  highlights to customers more about you and can lead to customers wanting to share their feedback as well. Making the receiving reviews from customers, simply a part of your overall engagement process.

  7. Leave a review for your client online, they’ll love it!

    Reciprocity is the powerful social norm of responding to a positive action with another positive action. As such, being proactive and leaving genuine reviews for your clients of their businesses and your experience of it, can lead to your clients feeling motivated to respond to your positive action with their own positive review of you.


Remeber, quality online reviews help to build trust and give potential customers a sense of what engaging with you will be like and what they should expect when they engage you with.

Online reviews will help you to dominate in Google. So have you Googled yourself yet?


If you feel you’d like some more assistance on how to generate excellent online reviews, we’d be more than happy to help so please contact Advisr Support.

Insurtechs – Enabling the Insurance Industry

What are Insurtechs?

Insurtech refers to the use of technology innovations designed to squeeze out savings and efficiency from the current insurance industry model. Insurtech is a combination of “insurance” and “technology” that was inspired by the term Fintech – which comes from combining “Finance” and “Technology”.

Don’t Insurtechs just want to disrupt Insurance?

Insurtechs can be seen to be a disruptive force in the Insurance industry. For any startup it can be relatively easy to make big bold statements about how the incumbent industry, in this case, insurance, needs to “keep up”, “evolve” and “get with the times.”

However, complete disruption is not always that easy to achieve, nor is it always desirable for the end customer. The promises can be shortlived and in a complex and important industry like insurance, simply too risky. Insurance is a complex industry, that is highly regulated and forms a very important part of the wider business and social ecosystem.

That isn’t to say that new thinking is bad or that challenger startups should cease. On the contrary, we’re focused on being an enabler in the insurance industry and utilising the strengths we have, by being a startup focused on attracting and informing customers, to enable insurance brokers to benefit.

Advisr enables the insurance industry

At Advisr we believe a few key things:

  1. Customer Centricity – Insurance should be simpler for customers to understand.
  2. Independent Expertise – Good independent advice will always be valuable to customers.
  3. Digitisation – Digital channels should make a consumers life easier.

Our strategy is to enable the industry to connect with customers and grow their business.

Insurance brokers are a vital part of the insurance ecosystem. Good independent advice will always be valuable to customers.

Advisr works with and for Insurance Brokers

Intermediated insurance products are those insurance products that are advised and sold via an insurance broker. Increasingly, the big insurers are looking for ways to move into intermediated insurance category. Insurance brokers also need to improve their performance and service delivery to ensure that they can retain and grow their customers. For an insurance broker to simply keep doing what they have always done, won’t be enough to ensure their viability into the future.


We believe Insurance Brokers need to own their reputation online:

Insurance brokers know the value of a good reputation and the power of word of mouth or referral business on driving their own businesses performance and their individual performance.

Today, a good reputation is more valuable than ever. Especially a good digital reputation.

It is widely understood that the first thing a prospective customer does when they are looking for a new insurance broker is to type their names into Google. We all do it. Google and the ability to reach vast quantities of the specific information super fast has changed our world.

Advisr enables insurance brokers to build their online reputation. On Advisr you can post content about your areas of expertise, highlight the service areas where you excel and cultivate client feedback and promote it publicly.

An Advisr Profile pages rank incredibly well in Google and when prospective customers are searching for you, by name, your Advisr profile will come up.


We believe public customer feedback makes the insurance industry stronger:

Independent ratings and reviews on our performance can feel confronting. Yet as customers, in nearly every area of life, we look to independent ratings and reviews to help us make decisions regarding holidays, schools, restaurants, cars, sunglasses, books, handymen and many many many more.

Customer feedback is coming to service industries and will become a highly valued differentiator.

Advisr enables your customers to leave feedback, and for you to manage and engage directly with their feedback. We’re working hard to be a trusted enabler across the industry.

We believe that good insurance brokers will enhance their reputation through transparent feedback and that ratings and reviews will make the insurance industry stronger.

Want help generating online review? Here are 7 ways insurance brokers can generate excellent online reviews.


We love sending new business to Insurance Brokers:

With thousands and thousands of customers coming to Advisr every month looking for an insurance broker, we’re connecting more and more customers with brokers every day.


Are you interested in growing your insurance broking business through generating new inbound enquires? Then, learn more about why insurance brokers are partnering with Advisr


We’re enabling the insurance industry. We’re working with more and more insurance brokers every day and would love you to be part of Advisr.

7 ways Insurance Brokers can win more business in 2018

As 2018 kicks off,  it is time to start turning the plans and dreams that you have for 2018 into hard work and action. Starting now will enable you to have success in 2018.
As Insurance Brokers, your roles are more important than ever and yet you are often being asked to do more with less. Welcome to 2018 I guess!
7 ways Insurance Brokers can win more business in 2018
    1. Be clear on what your product lines are what products you don’t offer. In addition, having some internal clarity around who your ideal customers are can help you to service enquires in a fast and efficient way and respond accordingly. If you try to sell to everyone, sometimes, you’ll end up selling to no one!
    2. Have your clients and others in the industry telling your story – More and more customers rely on online search engines, like Google, to find and connect with insurance brokers. Customers are increasingly turning to ratings and reviews to better understand what working with you will be like. Word of mouth is the most powerful way to win new business, so adapting to the digital age is essential.
    3. Think about your customers entire customer experience, not just the end price of their insurance. These days it is important how you make clients feel and ensuring that you understand them as individuals goes a long way. In a customers mind, they are making micro-decisions at every interaction with you, from how they found your contact details, making an enquiry, their first phone call – how quickly did you call them back, to the importance of small details and the avoidance of mistakes. So have you mapped out your customers’ entire journey and identified the areas you can strengthen.
    4. Differentiate through your professionalism. Your focus always needs to be on the customer in all you do and as great salespeople know, the selling takes care of itself. So are you as polished as you need to be? Are you setting the benchmark for the industry or simply aspiring to meet it?
    5. Lose well. Wait, what? This is a post about winning business not losing business. Correct! However, not every insurance broker can win every piece of business every time. Sometimes not winning the business can be your best opportunity to win a customer for life. In how you treat a client when they’ve decided to not buy from you, you can show them how you truly have their interests at heart. For example, following up clients 3 months after they didn’t buy from you to see how they are getting on with their new provider. Offering them any support they require eg reviewing the policy that they’ve been provided and by ensuring that you do a good objective review, then you’ll win their trust and probably their business in the longer-term.
    6. Ask for referrals from your top customers. Your customers are your best advocates. Or if they are not, asking them for a referral will probably give you an opportunity to resolve whatever is holding them back from being an advocate. So it is a win-win. Be direct and bold in asking clients who are one person they know that you could talk to who could be interested in using your services.
    7. Be someone people want to do business with. The value of good relationships in business cannot be overstated. Heading into the busy Christmas season, think about how you could surprise and delight your customers, work associates, staff and suppliers. It’s more than just sending a Christmas card (you sent one right?) or gift, be someone that people want to do business with.


So whilst 2018 has just started, now is the opportunity for you to start to work on any of the 7 ways Insurance Brokers can win more business in 2018.