We're transparent, motivated by our customers & working hard to make insurance work better for you.
We exist to connect people with insurance brokers they can trust.
Advisr highlights both the individual insurance broker and the brokerage that they work for. For we know that the name on the door and the person you deal with are both super important.
We are based on trusted referrals, given by real customers, and we work with brokers to enable them to educate and inform people who are looking for some assistance.
Great question. Firstly, it is worth saying that we are independent, transparent and 100% focused on delivering a great experience for you that helps to find an insurance broker you can trust.
We will be honest when an Ad is an Ad.
We make money through a few ways.
    1: Insurance brokers and brokerages can opt to have a premium profile. Premium profiles are shown on our homepage and on relevant insurance category pages. Premium profiles are randomly shown and brokers and brokerages need to be experts in the category they are listed in. Our fees are a flat monthly retainer and provide brokers with increased exposure to a highly relevant audience.
    2: Sometimes brokers need some help creating content and our editorial team is engaged to assist them as and when required.
    3: Integrated advertising placements are an additional way we are remunerated.
We’re happy to be transparent in letting you know how we make money and if you want to know more, then feel free to connect directly with our CEO.
We are independent of all insurance companies and insurance brokerage clusters and groups. However, we want to work with all of the various insurance companies and insurance brokers if we see a way to help to make your life simpler.
So, if there is is an insurance company, insurance broker or another insurance expert that we’re not engaged with and you’d like us too, then please let us know and we’ll engage with them.
No, we don’t simply compare insurance based on price. We realise the value of good independent advice and want to make it easy for you to find an expert insurance broker you can trust.

Advisr is 100% free and always will be for individuals and business to find and connect with an insurance broker of their choice.

Advisr works for both businesses and individuals.
Advisr exists so you can find the right insurance broker that you are looking for. So regardless of your size or complexity, Advisr Insurance Brokers can help you manage whatever insurance you have.
Our CEO, he’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback, questions and comments to help us to understand how we are going at making your experience with your insurance better.
Drop him a note: CEO@Advisr.com.au
Or if you have a support related question, please reach out to our support channels – support@advisr.com.au

Great question, whilst we work with insurance and help you manage your insurance. Advisr only provides factual advice and all content is not general advice or personal advice.

For general advice or personal advice, please read the Advisr Expert Opinions that are provided by licensed insurance brokers.