7 ways to generate excellent online reviews

By Andy Jamieson    March 7, 2018

Online reviews are part of modern life. We review food, hotels, products, schools, shoes, charities, jobs and organisations – reviews are everywhere.

Why your business needs quality online reviews

All insurance brokerages and insurance brokers need quality online reviews. Your future customers are going to look for online reviews and use the reviews that they find as a way to assess and filter out who they may or may not engage with.

Quality online reviews help to build trust. They give potential customers a sense of what engaging with you will be like and what they should expect when they engage with you.

Online reviews will help you to dominate in Google. When a customer Googles your business or your individual name, what comes back? To improve the quality of what a customer sees, then quality online reviews can certainly help. Try Googling yourself now and experience what your customers might see.

So if generating excellent online reviews is important, then the question becomes, how can you start to generate these valuable excellent online reviews? Below are 7 different ways for insurance brokers to generate excellent online reviews.

7 ways to generate excellent online reviews

  1. Ask your best clients to leave a review

    It may sound bold, but asking your top 5 trusted clients directly to leave a review for you and sharing how grateful you’d be can go along way. Now all of them might not respond, however, you’re sure to get a few responses and a start is often all you need. Go on, work out who the top 5 clients you have that you could ask for a review, write down their names and then give them a call.

  2. Make it simple for customers to provide a review

    Somtimes it can be too complex for customers to leave reviews. So make it simple for them to know what to do by sharing or sending them clear instructions on what is required.

  3. Link to Advisr from your website or online channels

    To start generating naturally occurring reviews, make sure you link to your Advisr profile across your website and across social media or other online channels, saying “I’d love you to leave a review on Advisr”. This approach both increases awareness of your reviews, often driving customers through to take a look at your reviews and can prompt a user to leave one without you having to ask.

  4. Incorporate asking for online reviews into your client engagement process

    There are key moments in your engagement with clients when it is appropriate and timely to ask a client to leave you a review. For example, if you’ve gone above and beyond in your service of the client and they are expressing their gratitude, then it is a great moment to say something along the lines of”if I’ve been of great assistance to you, then it would be most valuable to me if you’d consider leaving an online review so others can hear about your experience. Would you be willing to do that? It will only take a few minutes but would mean a lot to me.”

  5. Include links to your Advisr profile in your email signature.

    Your email signature is valuable, but are you using it to promote yourself effectively?  Incorporating either a text link or an image in your email signature can help to inform existing and prospective customers of your quality as an insurance broker. For example, your email signature could say:

    “See what people think of me on Advisr” or “I’m a 5 Star Reviewed Insurance Broker” or “Rate me on Advisr”

  6. Share the reviews you receive and highlight them to your existing customers

    Start sharing your existing reviews with your current and potential customers as part of your business processes. Doing so,  highlights to customers more about you and can lead to customers wanting to share their feedback as well. Making the receiving reviews from customers, simply a part of your overall engagement process.

  7. Leave a review for your client online, they’ll love it!

    Reciprocity is the powerful social norm of responding to a positive action with another positive action. As such, being proactive and leaving genuine reviews for your clients of their businesses and your experience of it, can lead to your clients feeling motivated to respond to your positive action with their own positive review of you.


Remember, quality online reviews help to build trust and give potential customers a sense of what engaging with you will be like and what they should expect when they engage you with.

Online reviews will help you to dominate in Google. So have you Googled yourself yet?


If you feel you’d like some more assistance on how to generate excellent online reviews, we’d be more than happy to help so please contact Advisr Support.

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