You are special

Advisr - you are special

How great does it feel when people make you feel special? Sometimes it’s the little things they do and say, other times it can be by how they listen and understand exactly where you are at.

You are special and deserve to be treated well.

These days, there is so much competition for your attention, it is little wonder that companies go to such desperate measures;

  • (Un)Funny song and dance routines.
  • Bombarding you with adds that interrupt your day.
  • Sending you more and more “personalised” emails.

All in the vain hope of making themselves interesting to you.

But this old approach doesn’t seem right or personal or make us feel special does it?

At Advisr, we know you are special. We believe you are smart and capable and when provided with unbiased accurate information, able to take control and make the informed decisions that benefit you. We believe in finding a better way to interact with you rather than simply interrupting you. You’re simply too special for interruptions!

At Advisr, we love giving you personalised service. We provide you with proactive unbiased insurance offers that match your needs and what you’ve told us you are looking for. We believe in listening to you and giving you the control over how we interact. You are in total control; how often we connect and if you want to hear from us a little less often, that’s ok, just let us know.

We know you are special and are working hard to ensure we do the little things right, that we listen to you and ensuring that we seek to understand you.

For if we do our part, then we’ll both know that you are special.

Our expectations are realistic

Advisr - our expectations are realistic

Often, our expectations determine our satisfaction. The higher our expectations, the higher the chances are that we will feel let down, disappointed and dissatisfied when our experiences don’t meet our expectations. This happens too often in our daily lives.

So what are we to do? One option is that we could simply lower our expectations and therefore increase the likelihood that we will be satisfied. But that doesn’t feel right does it?

No! Rather we believe that our expectations are realistic and have simply not been met often enough.

Whilst this being dissatisfied has been our experience so far, we see a brighter future, where people with high expectations can find some satisfaction. New companies, applying smart technology, with the intelligent use of data and great people focused on meeting peoples needs, will make a difference.

At Advisr, we believe that:

  1. Increased transparency provides great value to people.
  2. Your time is precious and we should be available at the times that best work for you, that is, we should be available all the time.
  3. We exist to make your life easier and are always striving to make our processes simpler, smarter and to require less from you.

If you’ve told us something once, we respect you by remembering it and won’t ask you again.

At Advisr we are building the most trusted, safe and secure partner to guide you with your insurance needs.

Your expectations are realistic and we look forward to satisfying them.

Come with us on this journey – Be the first to find out when we go live.

Do you like finding better ways to do things?

Advisr - do you like finding better ways to do things

Do you like finding better ways to do things? We do, and we don’t think we’re alone.

Our lives continue to change and so does our world. The changes we see occurring in our world are truly transformational. I wonder if we love these changes, because they’ve put us back in control?

In just the last 5 years, we’ve seen:

  • How transport has shifted from hailing a taxi to us borrowing or being driven around in our neighbours cars through businesses like Uber and CarNextDoor.
  • Able to hire specialist individuals and companies, knowing exactly how they’ve satisfied others, to do tasks and jobs through businesses like Freelancer and Airtasker.
  • Ability to easily rent out our spare rooms or even our house for the weekend to people from around the world looking for a place to stay through AirBNB.

Our world is more connected than even, enabling us to be more effective and more in control.

These new businesses have opened up smarter ways for us to manage the vast complexity of life. Giving us more control and choice over the services and products we need.

Advisr is on a mission to find a better way for Australians to compare, manage and buy their insurance.

We believe in giving you more control, increased transparency and sharing the savings that our platform provides.

We believe in finding the better way. Join us if you believe it too.